About us

Who are we? - The Canmakers Benelux is an organization that represents the interests of the Dutch and Belgian beverage can manufacturers and consists of the manufacturers Ball, Crown and Rexam. We are part of the Beverage Can Makers Europe (BCME), the European Association of tinplate manufacturers. Our headquarters is located in Brussels, where we are registered as a European Economical Interest Group.


What do we do?
- We are committed to highlighting the benefits of the beverage can and thus promoting its use.

We do this by, among other things:

  • Highlighting the benefits of beverage cans amongst fillers (beverage manufacturers), retailers and consumers.
  • Doing and disseminating research into the use of beverage cans in the Netherlands and Belgium ánd into the perception of fillers, retailers and consumers about beverage cans.
  • Monitoring the influence of beverage cans on the environment, highlighting the implications, and supporting recycling programs.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with policymakers and other stakeholders for the benefit of our members.

The Canmakers in Europe - Beverage Can Makers Europe is not only represented in the Benelux, but also in Germany, Britain, France, Spain / Portugal and Central and Eastern Europe.

Germany United Kingdom France Spain/Portugal Central and
Eastern Europe
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Wist je dat?

100% recyclebaar ... binnen 60 dagen ligt het drankenblikje weer in de winkel.